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Bella Advanced Aesthetics Training

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In Arizona, Karla Cabrera, FNP-C offers medical director coverage and private trainings for both new certified injectors as well as experienced injectors, who want to sharpen their skills and learn about new products and techniques. Trainings are performed at BELLA Medical Spa in Tempe, AZ. MD, DOs, NMDs, PAs, NPs, and RNs are able to choose customizable trainings offered by Bella Advanced Aesthetics Training, and most aesthetic providers request to focus on advanced skills to administer Botox, Dysport, Restylane, RHA (Teoxane), Versa, PDO threads, and others brands of injectables products. We require that registered nurses and PAs have taken the minimum required classes mandated by their medical state board and carry their own insurance before attending our training. For medical directorship, registered nurses are provided with consents, treatment sheets, protocols, and guidelines as part of the onboarding contract.

Karla Cabrera, FNP-C

About Me


Karla Cabrera was born in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, México in 1988. When her mom asked her “the question,” the one everyone asks you when you start school, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’—Karla seriously replied, “I want to be an astronaut, a doctor, or a magician”; fast-forward almost three decades later, in 2018, Karla is the founder of Bella Medical Spa in Tempe, AZ, combining Western medicine with aesthetic magic. Karla is a board-certified nurse practitioner from Chamberlain College of Nursing, and she also pursued several certifications to become an advanced cosmetic injector. She is known in the medical aesthetic industry for producing natural, transformative results. Karla founded Bella Advanced Aesthetics Training and has personally educated a wide array of medical providers in the aesthetic community since 2019. Karla is detail oriented, driven, and perpetually trying to learn, expand, and enhance her medical aesthetic skills. In 2022, Karla opened her second location in Phoenix, Arizona, and she plans to expand her aesthetics services to include over 80 aesthetic treatments provided to her patients. Karla loves working in this industry and has a passion for helping her patients become the best refreshed version of themselves.

Why advanced injector trainings?

Aesthetic medical providers and nurse injectors are in high demand nowadays, and exciting new opportunities are opening every day in the field of aesthetic medicine, whether you desire to open your own medical aesthetic clinic or become an aesthetic injector for a corporation, advanced training is a commitment to yourself and to your future aesthetic patients to set you apart from other aesthetic providers. It is not safe and efficient to start injecting without proper advanced trainings, and if you are reading this, it is evident you felt basic training is just step number 1 out of 50 steps to become a well-rounded aesthetic injector. If you are looking to step up your aesthetic injector skill level, Bella Advanced Aesthetics Training is the perfect solution, as the focus is non-stop hands-on practice… the practice lacking in basic neuromodulators and filler trainings available nationally. Contact us today to learn more about setting up a customized training session with our advanced injector and National P.A.C.E. Trainer, Karla C., NP., and we can help you level up your aesthetic injector skills and guide you on your professional goals.

As a RN or future injectables clinic owner, why do I need a Medical Director?

All the accounts to order injectables and supplies require a medical license of an independent medical provider; therefore, you will not be able to order any products and supplies or get liability insurance coverage without a certified aesthetics medical director. Karla Cabrera, FNP-C, provides Medical Director services to medical spa clinics for RF devices, laser hair reduction, neuromodulators, fillers, IV therapy, and several other aesthetic treatments. We ensure medical supervision of the patient care protocols and guidelines in compliance with applicable AZ regulations. We provide turn-key assistance to medical spas providing all required compliance protocols, treatment consent forms, patient documents, treatment protocols, complication management protocols, and medical supplier accounts you need to run your medical aesthetics business. NP Karla is licensed to practice medicine in Arizona and have records in good standing with the state nursing board. NP Karla is qualified by National Laser Institute and Arizona Board of Nursing to oversee the treatments she supervises. NP Karla has been trained and is a certified medical aesthetics medical director.

Karla Cabrera, FNP-C _ Nurse Injector Training
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What to expect at Bella Advanced Aesthetics Training?

Practice. Practice. Practice. Ensure you will get hands-on injectables practice.

color tick.png

Comprehensive explanation about cosmetic medical treatments performed.

color tick.png

Use of internal consents, treatment(s) forms, and treatment specific post-care forms

color tick.png

Use of HIPAA compliant Aesthetic Record software to chart treatments and internal software

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Access to buy authentic medical grade products if aesthetic provider is not bringing her/his own

color tick.png

Bring your own patients and receive guidance and hands-on training

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Learn to conduct consultations like an expert and improve your customer service skills

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Optional shadowing sessions vs. hands-on practice if you desire to only observe

Karla Cabrera, FNP-C, Bella Medical Spa

What to expect from Karla NP as my Medical Director?

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Injectable and Laser Protocols/Guidelines/Standing Orders

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Optional additional coverage to add other RNs, estheticians, and laser techs to your growing clinic

color tick.png

New Patients’ Intake Forms, Consents, Treatment Sheets, Post-care

color tick.png

Complications/Adverse Reactions Guidance & Protocols

color tick.png

Supply Lists & Accounts to order whenever you need (Injectables, needles, backbar meds, BLT cream)

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Optional Shadowing & Training Opportunities

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Regulatory Compliance Guidance

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Documentation Expertise & Business Advice

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Medical Grade Skincare & Peels Accounts

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New Treatments/Devices Budget Preparation Consultation

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Access to an Experienced Aesthetic Medical Director, Trainer, & Injector in the State of Arizona

Why Partner With Bella Medical Spa

Experience Matters

Providing advanced injectables trainings to physicians and nurses since 2019 and medical director services since 2018. With over 2.5k before and after pictures to demonstrate her injector skills

The Best Faculty

NP Karla is an advanced aesthetic provider and uses over 5 brands of injectables while others only use one or two brands. Advanced training benefits both, new and experienced certified injectors

Medical Compliance

Get the facts on FDA approved injectable areas and dosages along a straightforward insight on AZ laws and regulations

Local Support

Secure a strong ally to guide you when facing challenging circumstances and the “growing” pains when your clinic is expanding or adding new treatments.

Contact Us

Contact us today at (480) 420-8067
or at to set up advanced aesthetics training and/or providing medical director services for your medical spa in Arizona.  

Or provide your information below, and we will contact you within three business days. Looking forward partner with you!

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