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Trigger Point Injection | Side Effects & Medications

A trigger point is a tight band of skeletal muscle or knot within the muscle. The purpose of trigger point injections is to repeatedly break up this tight band. The procedure is done by injecting into the muscle a local anesthetic to decrease inflammation within the muscle.

Patient Post-care Responsibilities:

  • Allow your muscles to rest for 3 days

  • Gentle stretch treated muscles as tolerated

  • Use warm compress 6 hours after injections as needed for 72 hours, on 20 minutes intervals, 20 of 20 on.

  • TPI may also be used to treat pain due to acute or chronic strain or trauma or for simple muscle pain.


  • Focal reproducible pain with movement or palpation in a defined (typically 1-2 cm or fingertip size) externally accessible location within a muscle group.

  • Pain is refractory to OTC and prescription analgesics, relaxation techniques, or localized massage.

  • Pain in a patient who wants to avoid medications or has previously experienced positive results with TPI.


  • Allergy to local anesthetic

  • Fear of syncope related to needles

  • Injection site near a critical anatomic structure

  • Overlying cellulitis

  • Previous adverse experience with TPI

  • Severe coagulopathy or bleeding disorder

  • Pregnancy. Breastfeeding.

Trigger point Facts:

Trigger factors are focal regions of spasm and infection in skeletal muscle. The rhomboid and skeletal muscle lower back muscles placed withinside the highest lower back and at the rear of the shoulder regions, don't seem to be unusual place Trigger point injections. Trigger factors in those regions can motive neck ache, shoulder ache, and headache. additionally, to the top spine, Trigger point injections can also arise withinside the low lower back or abundant less usually withinside the extremities. typically there could also be a palpable nodule withinside the muscle within which the Trigger point injection is placed. The neighborhood is tender, and frequently while pushed, ache radiates from the Trigger point itself to an area across the Trigger point injection. Trigger factors usually accompany persistent contractile organ problems which have fibromyalgia, myofascial ache syndrome, neck ache, and occasional lower backache.

They'll additionally arise with anxiety headache and temporomandibular ache. Acute trauma or repetitive minor hurt may end up within the improvement of Trigger point injections. Trigger purpose Injections for Pain Management Peripheral Nerve Pain Peripheral nerve ache, or neuropathy could also be debilitating. It can reply properly to straightforward remedies this sort of Trigger point injection with anesthetic drug treatments associate degreed cryoablation (an office-primarily based mostly whole technique that entails phase transition the nerves). samples of peripheral nerve ache include intercostal neuralgia, ilioinguinal neuroma, hypogastric neuroma, lateral leg bone body covering nerve entrapment, interdigital neuroma, and associated nerve entrapments.

What is a trigger point injection? What medications may be in a trigger point injection?

A Trigger point injection (TPI) is an injection this can be given straight off into the Trigger point injection for ache control. The injection can be an anesthetic that has local anesthetic (Xylocaine) or bupivacaine (Marcaine), a mix of anesthetics, or an adrenal cortical steroid (cortisone healthful drug) unaided or blended with lidocaine. Sometimes, a needle unaided is inserted into the Trigger point, and no medicine is injected. this may be helpful and is cited as "dry needling. With the injection, the trigger point injection is created inactive and therefore the ache is relieved.

What types of doctors administer trigger point injections?

Trigger factor injections are frequently administered via means of rheumatologists, cache-control medical doctors, and bodily medicinal drug and rehabilitation medical doctors. Some internists, own circle of relatives exercise medical doctors, generalists, and neurologists do Trigger point injection injections.

How do health care providers perform trigger point injections? What technique do physicians use to administer a trigger point injection?

The Trigger point injection is finished withinside the fitness care skilled' office, commonly with the affected person each untruthfulness at the examination table at the belly or sitting at the examination desk. The precise method varies. The fitness care expert showing the technique locates the Trigger point injection via means of guide scrutiny and marks the net website online. Ultrasound steering isn't continually normally necessary. The injection web website online is then cleaned. Alcohol or another pores and skin apparatus which has betadine is typically accustomed swish the injection net website online. A desensitizing spray that has a local anesthetic is often used to anesthetize the pores and skin and create the important injection abundant less painful. The needle is then inserted into the Trigger point and therefore the medicine is injected. when the injection, a straightforward patch will be applied. If the neighborhood is painful after the injection, ice, heat, painkiller (Tylenol), or over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines which include Advil (Advil) or Aleve can be used.

When do patients need a trigger point injection?

Trigger factor injection is employed while an affected person includes a painful Trigger point, especially whilst an ache radiates from the Trigger point injection to the peripheral vicinity. Trigger factor injections will be used as a remedy for things which as fibromyalgia and myofascial ache syndrome. However, the Trigger point injections usually recur with persistent ache syndromes.

What are the complications and side effects of trigger point injections?

A capability hassle from the Trigger point injection technique is post-injection ache. this can be clearly uncommon, but it might arise. This ache commonly resolves via means of itself when some days. it's an extra, not unusual place while no medicine is injected into the Trigger point (dry needling). Ice, heat or over-the-counter medicines which has acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or Aleve will be helpful for post-injection ache. If a steroid healthful drug is injected into the Trigger point injection, there could also be a hazard of shrinkage of the fats below the pores and skin, going away a dent withinside the pores and skin. This will currently now not arise whilst the foremost effective anesthetic is injected with none steroid medicinal drug. different facet outcomes are uncommon with Trigger point injection injections but will arise every time a needle punctures the pores and skin, which has contamination and bleeding.

How frequently will patients need trigger point injections?

Optimally, a Trigger point injection resolves when one injection. this might additionally seem while an affected person has one remoted Trigger point injection, especially if the motive of the Trigger point injection has been removed (which includes a Trigger point injection ensuing from repetitive minor trauma or motion in a shot to not be finished). Trigger factors resulting from persistent things that include fibromyalgia and myofascial ache syndrome have an inclination to recur attributable to the underlying problem. In those cases, Trigger point injections will be administered on a standard or as-wished basis. The frequency of Trigger point injection injections depends upon the medicine being injected. If the best local anesthetic or a mix of anesthetics is injected, then the injections could also be administered as a progress remedy as frequently as monthly. If a steroid medicine is injected, TPIs have to be compelled to be administered heaps abundant less regularly, at the discretion of the treating fitness care expert, because of the hazard of tissue hurt or shrinkage from the steroid healthful.

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